NAVY 1/700-720

Resin kits




Fort Drum 1941- The concrete battleship

USS Skipjack class submarine

USS Sturgeon class submarine

Yuri Dolgoruky, project 955

Borei class submarine


USS Thresher class submarine

Soviet submarine project 661 Anchar NATO name Papa

Soviet submarine project 705K Lira  NATO name Alfa

Soviet submarine project 667 BDRM Dolphin NATO name Delta IV

Severodvinsk, project 885

Yasen class submarine


USS Tullibee SSN-597

Redoutable class submarine

Soviet submarine project 945A Condor NATO name Sierra II

HMS Resolution class submarine

Yuri Dolgoruky, project 955, Borei class submarine 



USS Skipjack class submarine



Soviet submarine project 671 RTM Schuka NATO name Victor III

USS Ohio class

Soviet submarine K-3 Leninsky Komsomol project 627 Kit NATO name November

Soviet submarine project 667 BDR Kalmar NATO name Delta III

Soviet submarine project 670 Skat

NATO name Charlie I

N700021 USS George Washington class
N700022 HMS Vanguard class
N700023 HMS Astute class
N700024 Soviet submarine K-219, project 667 A Navaga NATO name Yankee I
N700025 Soviet submarine project 671 Yorzh 

NATO name Victor I

N700026 PLAN Type 092 Xia Class submarine
N700027 Jules Verne’s Nautilus
N700028 Maunsell’s Navy Sea Fort
N700029 Soviet submarine project 1710 Mackrel NATO name Beluga
N700030 Sea Shadow (IX-529)
N700031 Soviet submarine project 667 AT Grusha NATO name Yankee Notch
N700032 USS Skate class submarine
N700033 USS Benjamin Franklin class submarine
N700034 Triomphant class submarine
N700035 Soviet submarine project 667 AM Navaga-M NATO name Yankee II
N700036 USS Seawolf SSN-575
N700037 Soviet submarine project 667 BD Murena-M NATO name Delta II
N700038 USS Lafayette class submarine
N700039 Soviet submarine project 945 Barrakuda NATO name Sierra I
N700040 USS Ohio class submarine,SSGN conversion
N700041 USS Barbel class submarine
N700042 Soviet submarine project 670M Chaika NATO name Charlie II
N700043 HMS Oberon class submarine
N700044 Soviet submarine K-278 Komsomolets, project 685 Plavnik NATO name Mike
N700045 German submarine type 206A
N700046 Long hull USS Sturgeon class
N700047 Soviet submarine K-19, project 658 NATO name Hotel I
N700048 USS Parche SSN-683
N700049 Soviet submarine project 971M Schtuka-B  NATO name Akula III
N700050 Soviet submarine project 941 Akula NATO name Typhoon
N700051 USS Nautilus SSN-571
N700052 HMS Oberon class submarine, modernized
N700053 Soviet submarine project 641 B Som NATO name Tango
N700054 German submarine Type 205A
N700055 HMAS Collins class submarine
N700056 Russian submarine project 677 Lada
N700057 Soviet submarine project 667 B Murena NATO name Delta I
N700058 German submarine Type 205
N700059 USS Seawolf SSN-575, "Special project platform"
N700060 Soviet submarine project 641 B Som with Pelamida towed array sonar (NATO name Tango)
N700061 Soviet submarine project 667 BDRM Dolphin (NATO name Delta IV),WATERLINE, (2 per set)
N700062 Soviet submarine project 945A Condor (NATO name Sierra II),WATERLINE, (2 per set)
N700063 Soviet submarine project 705K Lira (NATO name Alfa),WATERLINE, (2 per set)
N700064 Gotland class submarine
N700065 German submarine Type 212
N700066 PLAN Type 039B Qing class submarine
N700067 German submarine Type 209/1200
N700068 Soviet submarine project 641 early, NATO name Foxtrot
N700069 Soviet submarine project 658 M NATO name Hotel II
N700070 USS Virginia class submarine, Block I-II
N700071 Argentinean submarine type TR1700
N700072 HMS Churchill class submarine
N700073 German submarine Type 214
N700074 HMS Trafalgar class submarine
N700075 HMS Upholder class submarine
N700076 HMS Resolution class submarine,WATERLINE, (2 per set)
N700077 CSS Albemarle,Confederate Navy ironclad ram
N700078 USS Triton SSN-586, Attack Submarine configuration
N700079 Scorpène class submarine
N700080 Israeli Dolphin class submarine
N700081 Russian submarine K-403 Kazan, project 09780 Axson-2 NATO name Yankee-Pod
N700082 Soviet submarine project 667 AT Grusha (NATO name Yankee Notch),WATERLINE, (2 per set)
N700083 USS Skate class submarine,WATERLINE, (2 per set)
N700084 USS Nautilus SSN-571,WATERLINE, (2 per set)
N700085 Nazario Sauro class submarine
N700086 USS Barracuda class submarine
N700087 USS Tang class submarine
N700088 Soviet submarine project 651 (NATO name Juliett)
N700089 Soviet submarine project 667 A Navaga (NATO name Yankee I),WATERLINE, (2 per set)
N700090 Soviet submarine project 667 AM Navaga-M (NATO name Yankee II),WATERLINE, (2 per set)
N700091 Soviet submarine project 667 B Murena (NATO name Delta I),WATERLINE, (2 per set)
N700092 Salvatore Pelosi class submarine
N700093 USS Seawolf SSN-575, "Special project platform",WATERLINE, (2 per set)
N700094 USS Seawolf SSN-575,WATERLINE, (2 per set)
N700095 Soviet submarine project 671 Yorzh (NATO name Victor I),WATERLINE, (2 per set)
N700096 Soviet submarine project 675 (NATO name Echo II)
N700097 HMS Vanguard class submarine,WATERLINE, (2 per set)
N700098 Soviet submarine project 667 M Andromeda (NATO name Yankee Sidecar)
N700099 USS Daniel Webster SSBN-626
N700100 USS Triton SSRN-586, Radar Picket configuration
N700101 PLAN Type 091 Han class submarine
N700102 USS Virginia class submarine, Block III
N700103 Soviet submarine project 659 (NATO name Echo I)